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    Prof Dr. Milind Dhobley

    Dean Faculty of Fine Arts and Performing Arts

    MIT Art Design and Technology University, Pune, India 



    Visual Arts and Communication



    Art is for the sake of art, for entertainment, and for communication. We often perceive art in these ways.  However, the art form is used to express emotions and sentiments. The art forms are used for communication. It is the only expression of inner forms for appreciation. Visual art is so used in different ways to communicate creatively and effectively. Hence the art of advertising came into existence. We call it an art of persuasion.  Only a picture or art form is not enough but to elaborate it and to make it more persuasive text is used along with visuals.

    In communication, the artist is a creator and communicator and the viewer is a receiver and perceives the message through visual expressions. Communicator and communicant both are important in the process of communication. The appropriate use of an art form is art. This art is used for Communication, entertainment, and decoration.

    Key Words: Art Forms, entertainment, Communication, visualization, expressions, media.

    Hypothesis: The liberty of expression for communication has limitations. 


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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