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Intermedia Project Inc

Jack Ox is the founding Creative Director of Intermedia Projects Inc.

An effective logo is one that functions as a metonymy for the institution it represents.

One can see the intellectual and cognitive roots of Intermedia Projects by learning about the origin of our logo. Dick Higgins, the Fluxus artist, and theorist identified the concept of intermedia in 1966 when he published his essay in the first Something Else Press newsletter (Higgins, Dick 2001). This article was reprinted in Leonardo Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology in 2001, included an appendix by Higgin’s daughter, the well-known art historian, Hannah Higgins. Jack Ox knew Dick and engaged in many discussions about intermedia; this definition is an entity that includes more than one kind of media included in one mode. Therefore visualization and sonification are both intermedia entities. We used Higgins’ circle (HigginsIntermedia.png) as the template for the new nonprofit organization (IntermediaChartFinal.png). We left in Higgins’ question marks over some circular elements for the same reason; we wanted to see how our organization would develop as it adopted new projects. The final logo the last attached file (Logo300web.png). As any metonymy, it compresses the org chart’s information into its circles with saturated colors.

From these thoughts we created a mission statement:

We envision a time when new research practices integrate art, science, and design in a discipline that goes beyond traditional practices. The mission of Intermedia Projects is to support research that will contribute to this new structure of art, science, and design. Intermedia Projects supports and enables projects at the nexus of art, science, and design, through public performances; presentation of scholarly work at conferences and in publications; education and workshops; and through the development of new forms of communication for this new discipline.

Much of our earlier work has revolved around the intermedia work of art known as The Ursonate by the mid-century German avant-garde artist, Kurt Schwitters, and other music visualizations.

Today, our focus is on a project that we hope to fund past our lives–– Legacy of Artist-Scientists is an online museum (under construction) showcasing 40 years of Artist Scientists’ creativity, much of it intermedia. Each legacy section will include an artist biography and exhibition timeline, a 360-degree view of their art and video presentations showing their work, exhibits, and art-science collaborations. Legacy of Artist-Scientists secures an artist’s legacy, provides low-cost education and requires little or no maintenance into the future. It is a global community service in a time where we see closings of fine art libraries. We will keep growing this legacy archive for as long as there is minimal funding for website updating. Exhibitions will not end for as long if we can find permanent funding.


Higgins, Dick. (2001). Intermedia. Leonardo Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology, 34, 49-54.


Originally published in Something Else Newsletter 1, No. 1 (Something Else Press, 1966). Also published as a chapter in Dick Higgins, Horizons, the Poetics and Theory of the intermedia (Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois Univ. Press, 1984). Reprinted by permission of the Estate of Dick Higgins. (Higgins, 2001)



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