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ISIS General information’s Docs General Assembly Reports General Assembly 2012-01-27

ISIS General Assembly, 23–27 January 2012, by email

§ 1 Nomination of new board members

January 12, the members of ISIS were invited to nominate candidates no later than January 20. Three candidates were proposed (by the board and by ordinary members):
Chiel Kattenbelt (Utrecht University), Liliane Louvel (University of Poitiers) and Ágnes Pethő (Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania).

§ 2 Election of new board members

During the period January 23–27, the members were given the opportunity to vote for one, two or three of the candidates. The result was:

Chiel Kattenbelt: 8 votes
Liliane Louvel: 8 votes
Ágnes Pethő: 9 votes

The board decided to welcome all three candidates as new board members.


Lars Elleström

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