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What is the amplitude of literature when the literary word is spread throughout the arts?

Since Aristotle, we have tried to understand the different ways of saying the same old human truth: imitation, transtextuality, invention. We tangle the texts, the media, the techniques, the technologies. We tell our stories by rereading the stories of others. Dom Casmurro is Capitu on the stage-movie of Luís Fernando Carvalho. Bia Lessa transformed  Grande SertãoVeredas by Guimarães Rosa into an unforgettable adventure on the scene. The Paraíba wilderness is medieval in the chivalric romances by Ariano Suassuna, who has drawn fantastic universes and anticipated sonorous worlds that even today have been causing admiration through the Armorial Movement.
The word, in the line that sways around in the void, suggests realities that were before thought to be impossible to be fulfilled, characters that circulate in time and cross the media. The technologies of the imaginary recreate the classic texts of our unforgettable writers. And the more we advance in the twenty-first century, the broader the possibilities of the intermedial dialogues between literature and the other arts, adjusting not only the transmediality, but the action of the reader who navigates amongst texts and media.

This is the subject of this dossier: to think, analyze, discuss the transtextual and intermedial phenomena that broaden the space of literature and propose new ways of understanding these crossings and thus understand literature itself in all its dimensions.

prof. Dr. Jorgen Bruhn – (Linneaus University)

Prof. Dr. Moisés Martins – (Universidade do Minho).

Prof. Dr. Antonio Hohlfeldt – (Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul)

The Brazilian literary journal Letras de Hoje, one of the country’s oldest and most respected, has decided to focus part of an issue on the question of literary intermediality. I, with two Brazilian colleagues, have been asked to guest-edit the issue.

Deadline is relatively close, end of March 2019, unfortunately, but let me know if you have any ideas, then perhaps a deal can be made! As you will see from the call below, the possibilities are quite wide if you have any work related to the intermediality of literature.

Contributions are accepted in Portuguese, French and English.

Letras de Hoje is included in the Norwegian bibliometric system on level 1.

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