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ISIS General information’s Docs Board Meeting Reports Board Meeting 2017-09-11–15

ISIS Board Meeting 2017-09-11–15, by email

Lars Elleström (chair)
Arild Fetveit
Anne Gjelsvik
Chiel Kattenbelt
Liliane Louvel
Ágnes Pethö
Birgitte Stougaard Pedersen
Invited participant: Rong Ou


§ 1 Next ISIS conference in China

The board agreed upon that autumn 2018 is still the best time for arranging the next conference at Hangzhou Normal University. Rong Ou was commissioned to present the board a draft for a call for papers as soon as possible. The draft should include a preliminary title and description of conference theme(s), suggested dates for the conference, deadline for submitting abstracts and other crucial information.

§ 2 Forthcoming ISIS conferences

ISIS has received two interesting proposals for future conference venues. The chair of the board was commissioned to contact Christophe Collard, Vrije Universiteit, Brussels, and Martin Laliberté, Université Paris-Est Marne La Vallée to get more exact information about what they can offer.

§ 3 Other issues discussed at the general assembly in Montreal

The board decided that ISIS should remain an organization without member fees and that our website may remain at the domain of Linnaeus University as long as no one volunteers for maintaining an autonomous website. However, the chair of the board was exhorted to contact Marcello Vitali Rosati regarding his ideas about website and journal presented at the previous general assembly in Montreal.
After careful discussions regarding the society’s name and acronym, brought about by the similarity to one of the acronyms of a terror organization, a narrow majority voted for keeping the name and acronym as they are.

§ 3 Other business

There was no other business.


Referent Lars Elleström

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