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ISIS General information’s Docs Board Meeting Reports Board Meeting 2015-04-15

ISIS Board Meeting 2015-04-15, Utrecht University

Lars Elleström (chair)
Anne Gjelsvik
Chiel Kattenbelt
Ágnes Pethö
Jean-Marc Larrue (invited participant)


§ 1 Next ISIS conference

Jean-Marc Larrue, who will be the main organizer of an ISIS conference in Montreal,
suggested that the dates be settled to May 18–20, 2017, which was approved by the
board. He furthermore presented some preliminary ideas about theme with “Authentic
Artifice” as possible conference title. After some discussions it was decided that further
details about conference theme and call for papers should be discussed via email in due

§ 2 Intermedial journal

Chile Kattenbelt presented the considerable costs that a publisher such as Amsterdam
UP requires for launching a new journal. Lars Elleström informed about the efforts of
ISIS member Asuncion López-Varela to introduce an intermedial journal with some of
the major publishing houses; her efforts were unanimously encouraged by the board.
The pros and cons of open access journals were thoroughly discussed and it was
concluded that although for the moment none of the present board members has the time
or financial support required to work with an official ISIS journal, all future options
should be considered.

§ 3 Issues to be discussed at the general assembly 17 April, 2015

The board settled with two clauses: § 1. Forthcoming ISIS conferences; § 2. Other

§ 4 Other business

There was no other business.

Referent Lars Elleström

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